RM Trucking  is a member of Grand Rapids and Allendale Chamber of Commerce.

RM Trucking Inc is insured by National Interstate Insurance Company.


With the help from our quality employee's we have has built a fleet near 45 power units. Hauling refrigerated and dry goods across the country. The Summer of 2000 We built our current 4 bay building and hired our first full time mechanic. As the Industry has changed safety has become one of our biggest concerns.

"Safety Is No Accident" 

about us

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​​RM Trucking Inc was founded in 1981 by Robert and Marcia. Robert began working for Grand Rapids Gravel as a cement truck driver. After 13  years at Grand Rapids Gravel, Robert purchased his first over the road truck a, 1974 GMC Astro. Marcia was his dispatcher and book keeper. In 1983 his brother William De Boer began working for him as an owner operator. Bill was an important asset until his passing in 1996. In 1994 he was joined by his son Scott De Boer. In 2011 Bob retired and spends his time in Northern Michigan during the Summer and in Florida in the winter.

After college Scott started doing more sales calls and increased the customer base. During this time RM added equipment with the increase of freight. Scott is also a certified Truck mechanic and performed light duty repairs to the equipment. He also made night trips and was back dispatching the following morning. During these times communication was hard because the lack of cell phones. Only pay phones and pagers. 

Many current customers still remember stopping by Bob and Marcia's kitchen counter to visit. In 2006 Marcia retired  and was replaced by Angie De Boer. Angie was able to bring RM Trucking further into the computer age and still active today in daily activities.